The Bobolink Project started in 2007 in Jamestown, Rhode Island, bringing residents together to protect habitat for the Bobolinks that nest each year in the island's hayfields. By 2011, The Bobolink Project reached throughout Rhode Island and into parts of Vermont. To expand the geographic scope of The Project and establish a more sustainable administrative structure, in 2016 coordination of The Bobolink Project shifted to a collaborative partnership among Mass Audubon, Audubon Vermont, and Audubon Connecticut. The Project’s founders, Drs. Stephen Swallow and Allan Strong, continue to be deeply involved in the Project.

The initial outreach for The Bobolink Project centered around direct mail and newspaper ads. Now participants can also learn about the project on our website, follow us on Facebook, and share the project with others through web stickers.

We are excited about the interest this project has generated. Thank you for helping to make The Bobolink Project a success.


Note that the following interviews and news stories were written prior to The Bobolink Project's administrative shift from the University of Connecticut to Mass Audubon. The Project's conceptual foundation and conservation goals remain the same as is described below.